Aston Khor

Software Engineer

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About Me

I'm a software engineer with a background in chemical engineering. I created my first website at the age of 12 using Adobe Dreamweaver. Since, I've always found joy in creating and learning new things. I have 2+ years experience developing websites and images processing software. My breadth of experience spans the full stack from React/JS/Python to Node/Express to Mysql/MongoDB and AWS/Docker. Outside of programming I enjoy rock climbing and dancing.


Hack Reactor

Lead Software Engineer Fellow

Mentor and teach 60+ junior engineers on computer science fundamentals, data structures/algorithms, modern full-stack web development technologies (including React, Redux, Node, Express), databases (including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra), and app deployment (including AWS EC2, S3, Docker, various load testing tools).


Process Development Engineer

Technologies Used: React, Node, PostgreSQL, AWS, Javascript, Python

  • Architected web-app for deployment of microservice computational software on AWS computational EC2 instances.
  • Leveraged React and POSH html to create sleek and accessible front-end interface.
  • Implemented proxy server architecture to allow for user authentication, cookies, and sessions for webapp.
  • Developed software in python for image processing of dithered templates, reducing time from 25min to 10s.
  • Created python(pandas) excel scraper to consolidate and import large volume data into statistical software JMP.


University of California, San Diego

September 2014 - June 2018

B.S. Chemical Engineering

Hack Reactor

Oct 2019 - Jan 2020

Software Engineering Immersive


Climbing Grade vs Time Spent Climbing

Technologies Used: d3, React, PostgreSQL

  • Visualize scraped data from to visualize time spent to moving up a climbing grade.
  • Utilize d3 to create clean interactive interface with hover-over tooltip.
  • Parsed and cleaned incomplete/inaccurate data to create polished dataset.

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Covid Cleaner - COVID-Less Internet Experience

Technologies Used: Chrome Extension, Javascript, Chrome-Storage, HTML, CSS

  • Created and published chrome extension on Google Webstore to reduce negative triggering COVID news that permeates the internet.
  • Implement text-replace algorithm for html.
  • Utilized Chrome Sync storage for seemless experience across devices.

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IndoorRock API

Technologies Used: React, React Hooks, Bcrypt, Node, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Heroku

  • Implemented web-scraper for MountainProject, TheCrag, ClimbingBusinessJournal, to grab climbing gym data.
  • Deployed application on Heroku for quick deployment and availability.
  • Created API key generation and authentication for tracking of user requests.
  • Created Mapbox tileset by geocoding address into geojson object.
  • Instituted user authentication, cookies, and sessions for webapp.
  • Used gzip compression and server side rendering to improve page load speed.

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Technologies Used: JS, React, Express, MongoDB/Mongoose, Styled-Components

  • Built interactive D3/SVG graph with bisected hover-over focus and sliding price ticker.
  • Optimized page load speed with CSS sprites and express compression.
  • Containerized microservices using Docker and DockerHub, eliminating the need for external dependencies.
  • Architected Express proxy server that handled Yahoo finance API requests and routing to component servers.

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Bite - Backend Cassandra Database Scaling

Technologies Used: Cassandra,, AWS, New Relic, Nginx, Artillery, Javascript

  • Architected backend in Cassandra to improve scalability of legacy application to handle millions of users.
  • Optimized read/write ratio of cluster with multiple data centers, 6 node data centers, and replication factor of 3.
  • Increased replication factor and decreased consistency factor to improve reads at the cost of writes and consistency.
  • Horizontally/vertically scaled Cassandra to achieve 2500RPS throughput.
  • Load balanced with nginx to allow for increase in server bandwidth.

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Tomodachi Town

Technologies Used: React-Native, AsyncStorage, Expo, Javascript

  • Utilized async storage to hold offline persistence data locally.

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